Hometard Theme Documentation

1.Getting Started #

Thank you for using this theme. If this instruction doesn’t cover your queries feel free to contact us and we will do what we can. We have tried our best to keep it as simple as possible. If you think it can be made even simpler let us know we will be glad to change it.

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1.1.How to Install Theme #

Hometard Free

Go to WP Dashobard – Apperarance – Themes and hit “Add new” in the top left corner. Search the name “Hometard”. Install and activate the theme.

Hometard PRO

Login to your account (account? – the one your created while purchasing) and download the purchased theme file from there.

Upload via WordPress Admin

  1. Download Theme zip,
  2. Go to Appearance >Themes,
  3. In Install Theme tab, choose “Upload”,
  4. Then find theme-name.zip file on your computer and press Install Now,
  5. Go to Appearance -> Themes panel, locate the theme and click Activate button to activate the theme.

Install via FTP

  1. Unzip the downloaded file,
  2. Upload theme folder into Themes folder in your WordPress installation (/wp-content/themes) via FTP,
  3. Go to Appearance >Themes, find theme and activate it,


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1.2.Activate Hometard PRO license #

License key is required for the Hometard PRO. Login to your account – Orders and hit “License Manage” button

Use the key generator at the bottom to generate the key. In this tab you can find the keys, activate the keys or delete them.

Copy one of your key and go to your WP dashboard – Settings – Hometard PRO and paste your key here. 1 key = 1 website

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1.4.Migrating From Another Theme #

If you are migration from a theme which used the native featured images functionality of WordPress. Please use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to resize all the thumbnails. Click the link above and download the free plugin, and read through the steps it contains, it has all the information you need.

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2.Setup Front/Home Page #

Video Tutorial:

1. Install and activate KingComposer plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/kingcomposer/ and the PRO addon
2. Create a new page by going to WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New. You can use any title for this page but in our example we call it “Front Page”.
3. Now you need to change Template for this page. You can do that via “Page Attributes” that you can see on the right side of post editor screen. From Template downtown choose Homepage. Now click Update page to save these changes.

4. Use KingComposer to create your awesome page, home page, landing page… (follow the step 5 to set this page as home page)
5. Once you have this page ready you have to set it as homepage for your website. You can achieve it by going to WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays -> A static page (select below) and there select your newly created page.

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2.1.How to import demo content (PRO only) #

You can import all our Hometard PRO demo content and layouts in a few clicks (the images are not included).

KingComposer (or KC PRO!) must be installed and activated.

Check the video tutorial below:

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3.Mega Menu (PRO only) #

Hometard PRO supports Max Mega Menu plugin. This plugin automatically convert theme main menus into a mega menu.

Install and activate this plugin.

Go to Appearance – Menus – and enable Max Mega Menu in your main menu. Select Theme – Hometard. Hit your Mega menu icon to setup the menu layout.

Follow the Max Mega Menu documentation – https://www.maxmegamenu.com/documentation/getting-started/installation/

Video Tutorial:

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3.1.Mega Menu and KingComposer #

With the KingComposer you can create your own mega menu layout.

  • Go to KingComposer – Sections Manager
  • Create your layout with KingComposer and save it

  • Now go to Appearance – Menus and add a new menu item. Hit the Mega Menu button to create the Mega Menu layout
  • Use 1 column layout and put inside the menu KC Content widget. Open the widget settings and select KC section – “your own layout title”. Save it

  • This will display your own layout in the mega menu


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4.Theme Options #

All available options can be used from Appearance->Customize

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4.1.Theme Colors and Typography (PRO only) #

In Hometard PRO you can define almost every color and set the fonts (Google fonts).

Go to Customizer – Colors and Typography and select section


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4.2.Logo, Title, Icon #

To setup the Logo, Site Title and Tagline or Site Icon go to Customizer – Site Identity

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4.3.Site Background #

Hometard Free

To setup the background go to Customizer – Background Image

To setup the background color go to Customizer – Colors

Hometard PRO

To setup the background and background color go to Customizer – Colors and Typography – Background Image

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5.WooCommerce (PRO only) #

Hometard and Hometard PRO supports WooCommerce plugin. Hometard PRO includes lot of customization options to fit your products layout.

Go to Customizer – WooCommerce

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5.1.WooCommerce (Global) #

You can enable WooCommerce breadcrumbs, gallery zoom, lightbox and slider or floating cart.

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5.2.WooCommerce Archive #

You can define the archive/shop colors and layouts:


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5.3.WooCommerce Product Page #

You can define the product page colors and layouts:

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5.4.WooCommerce Buttons #

You can define the button colors.

These options are for product page, checkout and cart page (the archive pages has own button options):


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5.5.WooCommerce Images #

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